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As a new year beckons, Elevasity Consult is excited to unveil an exceptional opportunity for those eager to explore the forefront of sustainable agriculture and innovation. Our upcoming experiential tour, scheduled for January 2024, will take you on an insightful journey to True Garden – the premier vertical aeroponic food farm situated in the vibrant heart of Phoenix, Arizona in the United States.

Unveiling True Garden: A Visionary Oasis

True Garden stands as a testament to the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and agriculture. Nestled in the scorching desert regions of Phoenix, this first-of-its-kind facility showcases the future of farming. Operated entirely by solar power, True Garden was designed in partnership with Future Growing LLC, with a pioneering vision to drastically reduce agricultural water consumption while providing access to local, living produce year-round.

A Cutting-Edge Greenhouse in the Desert

The backbone of True Garden’s success lies in its high-tech greenhouse, which utilizes Future Growing’s vertical aeroponic Tower Garden technology. As you step into this innovative oasis, you’ll witness the remarkable capability of this system to produce cool-season food crops year-round, even amidst the blistering desert heat that often reaches up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Beyond the Tour: An Educational Mission

As a critical part of Elevasity’s commitment to experiential learning, this tour is not just about exploring the innovation behind True Garden – it’s also an opportunity to delve into the broader narrative of sustainability, urban farming, and the pressing issue of water conservation in Ghana and Africa. The mission is to gain knowledge that will shape the future where local farmers are empowered, food transportation is minimized, and water usage is significantly reduced in Africa.

Join the Journey: January 2024 Experiential Tour

Elevasity Consult invites you to join us on this transformative journey to True Garden in January 2024. Mark your calendars, as this tour promises to be an eye-opening adventure that will empower you with knowledge, inspire sustainable action, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the innovative strides shaping our world today. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be part of this exceptional experiential journey to True Garden’s vertical aeroponic oasis.

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